When you are in need of Urgent Care for your eyes, our optometrists are here to take care of you!

An urgent visit at our office is when your eye health is in danger and needs immediate attention to preserve your sight.

Please see the list below of the services we provide in our urgent care:

  • Painful or red eyes

  • Foreign Body or irritation in the eye

  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes

  • Flashes of light

  • “Floaters” in your vision

  • “Curtain-like” loss of vision

  • Sudden onset of double vision

  • Chemical in the eye


Our hours of operation for the Walk-In Urgent Care are Monday-Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm, no appointment necessary. Call our office at (309)-692-0000 to talk to someone about your urgent eye care needs.

If it is after hours, please go to the nearest emergency room.

Call and schedule an eye evaluation today!

(309) 692-0000

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