Blue Light and Red Flags


Technology is around us. Most people use about 3 different devices a day whether it be a smart phone, a lap top, or a tablet. All of these devices have blue light. On top of that, many of use have LED TV which increases our exposure to blue light. The amount of exposure to blue light is increase the amount of eye strain being reported to optometrists. Blue light has also been linked to the inablity to sleep.


To help reduce the side effects of exposure to blue light, do the following:

1. Use dim red light for night lights. Red lights are less likely to supress melatonin.

2. Avoid looking at bright screens 3 hours before bed

3. If you have to use a lot of electornic devices close to bed, consider using blue light blocking glasses

4. Get a lot of bright light exposuire during the day which will help you sleep better at night


If you have any particular concerns, reach out to the optometrists at the Bixby Eye Center in Peoria, Illinois. They will be more than happy to help make recommendations on what you can do limit the side effects.


Top image by Flickr user F Delventhal used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.


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