Eye exams are essential to determine your eye health and eye vision.

An eye examination is the first step in assuring eye health. The Bixby Eye Center provides comprehensive eye exams to check for vision or vision lost, glacoma, or any other eye irritations or problems the patient may be having. Eye exams at the Bixby Eye Center may include some of the following:


  • Vision acuity - how clearly you can see

  • Color blindness test

  • Cover test - check how your eyes work together

  • Retinoscopy - Approximates eyeglass prescription

  • Refraction - Gets the exact eye glass prescription

  • Slit-Lamp Examination - examine overall health of eyes

  • Glaucoma Test - a puff of air is put on the eye to check for eye pressure

  • Pupil Dilation - checks for internal eye structure


Our team of eye doctors diagnosis, treat and manage all eye diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, dye eye disease, ocular infection, ocular allergy, foreign body removal. We also co-manage our patients with cataract surgery and refractive surgery.

Other tests may be done to check for overall eye health. The Bixby Eye Center makes the overall experience as painless as possible. The para-optometric specialist assist the optometrist throughout the process.